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Distressed Properties and First-Time Homeowners In Jacksonville,Florida 

 At of Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in finding distressed properties and providing quality service to first- time homeowners.  

*Person-To-Person Purchase* 

Specializing in distressed properties, we have a great deal of experience and are certified experts in the field. Our experience includes bank- owned foreclosures and short sale real estate owned properties. 

When looking for your property, you want to look for 3-bedroom, 2bath, black or brick homes in secure neighborhoods. They should be near both shopping and professional areas. By searching out these homes for you, we can provide listings that fit all of your personal criteria, including your financial situation.

 If you're paying cash for your home, we need proof that the money is available in your bank account. If you can't pay cash for any distressed properties, we'll provide help in getting you financed for your new home. By choosing us as your REAL ESTATE BROKER, you'll allow us to help you spend much less money on your new home, using our contacts within the industry to assist you in getting the home you want. 

We will arrange for you to meet with the owner of the home, weather you're First-Time Homeowner or a seasoned buyer. Our office will ensure that all of the documents are in order and correct per your agreement with the owner. To further free you from worry, we'll work to ensure you understand all of the documents. 


 For First-Time Homeowners or any other buyers or seller, we can help you to sell your current home quickly, with a big profit for you. We also help our clients buy and flip properties. If you have the money and the credit, you can buy and sell a property within weeks, earning money by buying and flipping homes. If you choose the right services you can find and purchase a home for less than its value, turn around and sell it quickly for the value. 


 Property Management In Jacksonville, Florida 

 At in Jacksonville, Florida there is more that distressed properties and investments. We also offer professional property management for rental property owners.

*Property Management Services*

As a local REAL ESTATE BROKER we can arrange for your property to be sold, rented, or managed by collecting your rent, making repairs, and maintaining the property. We act on behalf of the property owner to care for any issues arising with the property. Our property management services can be used for apartment buildings, single-family homes, condominiums, 1-4 hours and larger family homes. 

If you need a property manager to oversee your property, we work on behalf of the owners on an ongoing basis, with a 1-year contract between you and our property management team. 

 Purchase And Financing For Rehabilitation Properties 

 We start the process by looking at 3 homes, based on what you can afford. Next, we'll select the property or properties and submit an offer. If you don't plan to live there, we can help rent the home to pay the mortgage and make a profit. Our agents work within the amount you can afford, and search for properties based on your specifications including locations,income, and other demographics. You'll have to provide a source of funds as well as your credit to prove that you can finance the home and get a bank loan. 

With this service, you're able to purchase a beautiful home at a fraction of the cost, and include the price of renovations and closing costs in the purchase of the home.



*In A Nutshell* 

Investment Capital 

$25,000.00 Will be used to purchase HUD Homes, Fannie Mae, Etc. 


Purchase Property = $20,000.00

Repairs      + $5,000.00

total of $25,000.00

 *Market Value *


 Within Six months property will be sold to first time home buyers

 Profit = $50,000.00 (Approximate)

Payoff = $25,000.00 (within 1 year)

Total of $75,000.00

Investment Capital (18%)

 $25,000.00 divided by 2 = 12,500.00  which = 50% ROI

12,500.00 ( Re-Invest)

 NOTE: The entire investment capital + 50% of profit will be repaid within 1 year.

 Cost for repairs is $10,000.00 on average. 

Properties will be carefully selected. This amount will be factored from profits.

HUD NON-PROFITPurchase, Refinance-Resale

Sample of Typical Purchase From HUD